I believe that we all have a creative desire within us and when we make something it gives us such a feeling of satisfaction and somehow touches our soul. 

Hi! My name is Dawn. I love to make and create and crochet is my thing. My little company, The Almond Snug is my happy place.  I have had some pretty big adventures around the world and have lived in an African jungle and a Pakistani desert, now though I live in wet but green North Wales in the UK.  It was a Congolese Mama who first taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old and I'm so glad she did!  Later in life my husband and I took our 3 young children on our Asian adventure.  It was here that I rediscovered my love for making and found that it was more than just an activity to produce something.  Making became a kind of therapy.  

Here at The Almond Snug I hope to help makers create items they will love while developing their crochet skills.  I particularly enjoy making pictures and motifs using intarsia crochet and this is what I will be exploring and sharing over the coming months.  As you join me on this crochet journey I hope that you too will find making a soul experience.