Bunny Motif - Free Crochet Pattern.


This little bunny is a character in my new baby quiet book crochet pattern called ‘Count My Pets’. I wanted to give her to you as a little taster of what is in the book.

The bunny makes such a cute motif which you could use in all sorts of ways to decorate a basket, make a garland, use as an Easter gift topper or sew as a patch onto a garment. She is a great little make especially for those of you who have not tried this kind of colorwork before and want to give it a try.


I am sharing 12 months of free crochet motif patterns, one each month.  These small motifs are an easy way to practice crochet colorwork and are quick and fun to make.  Along the way I will be sharing my top tips to help you with this intarsia technique and I'll be adding some patterns incorporating the motifs.  To make sure you never miss a free motif and to receive a free copy of my Space Rocket Pouch inspired by women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) sign up to my newsletter.

How to crochet a Bunny motif.

You will need:

Finished size: 3in (7.5cm) x 2.25in (5.5cm)

Abbreviations: ch(s) = chain(s); dc3cl = double crochet 3 cluster as follows, *yrh, insert into work, yrh, pull through, yrh, pull through 2 loops, rep from * twice, yrh pull through all 4 loops; rep = repeat; rs = right side; sc = single crochet; st(s) = stitch(es); ws = wrongside; yrh = yarn around hook.

Pattern Notes

  • A3sc means 3sc in yarn A.

  • When referring to the chart read all odd (rs) rows from right to left and all even (ws) rows from left to right.

  • Chs at beginning of the row do not count as a st.

  • To start a new color, work the last yarn round hook of the st before the color change in the new color.

  • Using intarsia method, start a new length of yarn for each change of color and keep all strands on the ws of work.

  • If you are a left handed maker you will need to add an extra row at the beginning and reverse the rs and ws.

I used this motif to sew as a patch onto a denim jacket.

I used this motif to sew as a patch onto a denim jacket.

To make a bunny motif.

Using Yarn A, 14ch.

Row 1:  A1sc in second ch from hook, A12sc, turn - 13sc.

Row 2:  1ch, A13sc, turn.

Row 3:  1ch, A5sc, B3sc, A5sc, turn.


Rows 4: 1ch, A4sc, B4sc, A5sc, turn.

Row 5: 1ch, A4sc, B2sc, make the tail Adc3cl, B2sc, A4sc, turn.

Row 6: 1ch, A3sc, B6sc, A4sc, turn.

Row 7: 1ch, A3sc, B7sc, A3sc, turn. 

Row 8: 1ch, A3sc, B6sc, A4sc, turn.

Row 9: 1ch, A4sc, B5sc, A4sc, turn.

Row 10: 1ch, A4sc, B4sc, A5sc, turn.

Row 11: 1ch, A5sc, B3sc, A5sc, turn.

Row 12: 1ch, A4sc, B4sc, A5sc, turn.

Row 13: 1ch, A4sc, B5sc, A4sc, turn.

Row 14: 1ch, A4sc, B4sc, A5sc, turn. 

Row 15: 1ch, A4sc, B2sc, A1sc, B2sc, A4sc, turn.

Row 16: 1ch, A3sc, B2sc, A2sc, B2sc, A4sc,  turn.

Row 17: 1ch, A3sc, B2sc, A3sc, B2sc, A3sc, turn.

Row 18: 1ch, A3sc, B1sc, A4sc, B1sc, A4sc, turn.

Rows 19: 1ch, A13sc, turn.

Row 20: 1ch, A13sc.

Fasten off, weave in all ends.

Wet block to finish.


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