Privacy Policy

What personal data I collect.

  • Profile data.
  • Name.
  • Email addresses.
  • Billing addresses.

Where this data is collected.

  • The sites where I sell my patterns, currently Etsy, Ravelry, LoveCrafts and Makerist.
  • Where I manage my email list, currently MailChimp.

Why I have this data.

  • To communicate to you about your order.
  • To fulfill your order.
  • For legal reasons including paying taxes.
  • To answer your queries.
  • If you have given your express consent for marketing.

How long will I keep this data.

  • For as long as is neccessary by law for tax purposes, currently up to 6 years in the UK.

How I collect this data.

  • When you order one of my products.
  • When you interact with me.

How is this data used.

  • To identify you.
  • To respond to your inquiries.
  • To enable you to enable you to favourite my shop or items in my shop or or to follow my shop or myself.
  • To fulfill your order.
  • To carry our billing and administrative activities including refunds.
  • To allow you to review a product you have ordered.
  • To analyse, update and improve my services for the benefit of my customers.
  • To deal with complaints.
  • If you give your express consent to sign up for my newsletter I will add your email to my list to contact you about promotions, events, services or products that may be of interest to you.  You have the right to withdraw this consent at anytime.

Who else collects this data?

  • If you have placed an order for one of my products with Etsy, Ravelry, LoveCrafts or Makerist, they too will have collect your personal data.  Please see their individual Privacy Policy for more information on what they do with your data.

Do I share your personal data?

I may share your data with the following;

  • service providers including email service providers (where you have given your express consent to join my mailing list) and logistics providers to deliver an order.
  • in the future I may share your data with accountants, business partners or other people who may work with me.
  • law enforcement agencies, governement or public agencies or officials, regulators and any other entity that has the appropriate legal authority where I am legally required or permitted to do so, to respond to claims, protect my rights, interests, privacy, property or safety.

Do you have to provide your personal data - and if so why?

  • To form a contract with you I need to collect some or all of your personal data.  Without the data I will not be able to form a contract to complete an order.
  • If you sign up to my emailing list, you will of course be able to unsubscribe at any time.

How do I keep your data secure.

  • Electorinc Data is password protected and Hard copies are kept in a secure location with restricted access.

Changes to this privacy notice.

  • I may change this notice from time to time.