How to do crochet colorwork.

 I am aware that lots of you are new to crochet colorwork and so I thought it would be helpful if I put together a little mini series of videos with some advice on how to do colorwork.


Lesson 1. Which yarn and hook size.

My favourite yarn is this DMC Natura Just Cotton.


Lesson 2. How to change color in crochet. How to change color when doing intarsia and tapestry crochet.


Lesson 3. Different ways to do crochet colorwork including tapestry crochet, Fair Isle crochet and intarsia crochet.


Lesson 4. Where to keep the yarn lengths. Where to keep the lengths of yarn when doing intarsia crochet.


Lesson 5. How to manage tangles. How to manage yarn tangles in crochet intarsia colorwork.


Lesson 6. How to manage yarn ends. How to manage the yarn ends in intarsia crochet.


Lesson 7. How to read my charts. How to read charts for intarsia crochet and tapestry crochet.